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PHADE is my synonym, part of my company's name and, surely, my e-mail-address.

Phade was the name of an very early graffiti-sprayer, DJ and computer-freak in New York, he died very soon and this is my way to honour his work.

Myself was born at the 1. August 1966 in Frankfurt, GERMANY, but I moved to Berlin when I was eight, for the skill of the big city. I started working with computers in the age of fourteen, at school with a Wang computer (yeah, yeah, they even had a 8"-floppy discs !), got shortly later my first Apple ][e, switched then to the first IBM-PC's for making money, decided that they are no good and ran into the first Unix-machines when I was twenty.

From there on I studied Informatik (computer science) at the Technische Universität in Berlin, founded my company and worked away in the computer networld.

Finished my Thesis and can call myself Dipl.-Inform. Frank Gadegast, started to work for the GMD FOKUS and then got self-employed in November 1996. Most the time I work now as hostmaster, technical assistent and programmer at Contrib.NET, the backbone provider of my most-important project ... called PowerWeb, the all-in-one Web Presence Providing Service.

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